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I think it was born out of frustration. I had all these ideas and images in my head, but couldn’t figure out how I wanted to turn them into a drawing. At the same time, I was also really bored with all my clothes, so I just bought a pack of blank t-shirts and paints and went for it. It was a really good way to get over my creative block. Well, I also work at a restaurant, so I try my best to fill most of my free time with making art! But I’m lucky to be surrounded by lots of creative people, so that even when I’m not making art, I always feel creatively encouraged and stimulated. I also eat a lot of snacks, try to take care of my plants, and make friends with dogs. Each of my products is painted by hand. I originally had a few designs that were made to order, but painting the same thing from a template over and over got very tiresome. So now I just make products that are one of a kind. There’s no real plan or process to it, really.

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When I first started painting with ink, I was using calligraphy or sumi-e brushes, which are very soft and hold a lot of ink. I was really attracted to this because it helped me to paint with a certain type of looseness that I generally don’t have. Eventually. The funny thing is that painting on clothes with those watercolor brushes feels a lot like painting with calligraphy brushes on paper. It made me miss those qualities in my painting, so I’ve been playing around with sumi-e brushes again. It’s been kind of tricky, I’ve forgotten how to use them, but I think that art is a constant process of having to unlearn what you know then re-learning it in a new way all over again.